» Nationwide Conveyancing - UK Regional Differences

At Nationwide Conveyancing we divide the UK into three areas England & Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland when offering conveyancing. The reason for this are the different legal processes in each of these areas.

Conveyancing Services

» Conveyancing in England and Wales

Both England and Wales are governed by the same property laws. As such all are located within England and Wales and with all our conveyancers you deal with them by post so their actual location is not a factor when looking for your cheap conveyancing quote.


» Conveyancing in Northern Ireland

There are some aspects to property law in Northern Ireland that are different to England & Wales and as such all our conveyancing solicitors that deal in Northern Ireland property are based in Northern Ireland.

» Conveyancing in Scotland

Scotland is where the main difference occurs when buying and selling property. Your home must be advertised as offers over a specified sum or a fixed price and then a formal tender date is set when all offers must be received.

If you are looking to purchase in Scotland you will be required to get a mortgage valuation and survey done on the property before making an offer. This can be an expensive pastime if you are frequently unlucky in not making the top offer on a property since you will have to go through this whole process on another property that you wish to purchase.

The main advantage to this process however is that it prevents any gazumping since the price is set and so is the moving date at a very early stage.

Once you have made an offer and it has been accepted you will need to instuct a solicitor who deals in conveyancing. Once you receive in writing acceptance to the offer from the seller you are then legally bound to buy after agreeing to any conditions the seller may have.

All conveyancing solicitors on our panel that deal in Scottish properties are based in Scotland and are experts in Scottish property law.