» Nationwide Conveyancing - Advantages of a Direct Conveyancer

From the moment you issue your instruction the process begins. Our solicitors deal with your case from the minute it reaches their offices. There is no need to visit them, in fact, they could be hundreds of miles from you. The quote offered could be extrememly competitive because their local business has slowed momentarily and they are able to offer an extremely fast and efficient service all at the click of a button

Conveyancing Services

The company you choose may only deal with property purchases and are standing by for your business to reach them, purchases or remortgages.

All of the solicitors on our panel are highly professional and offer a feedback option so that they are fully aware of just how they are doing. There is no worry that you may feel remote or disconnected from your conveyancer, on the contrary, you will be even more in control and updated than you might be with a conventional solicitor who is working on a one to one basis.

With a simple to understand and easy to follow quote system you can instruct your conveyancer immediately. A pack will arrive by post with clear instructions and an explanation of exactly what stages are involved, useful information even if you have instructed before. If your purchase or sale falls through, you will not be expected to pay for the service - other costs, or disbursements, such as local authority searches will be exempt from this unless you instruct a solicitor displaying a star next to their name on the search facility.